JD Harvill

Jon Davis Harvill II became JD to his family and friends when he left High School. He had been Jonny to his family and Jon to his friends before that.

As far as he knows Jonny was born with a crayon in his hand, and there are walls across America that might hide his early signature under coats of lead based paint.

JD loved art in school, took art classes in college, and worked as the Managing Editor of The Museologist, a journal for Museum Curators and Administrators in the Mid-Atlantic Region, during his Junior and Senior years at Penn State.

Jon Sr. doesn't remember it, but Jonny and his two siblings were taken to every decent art museum in every major city during their childhood.

Jonny was probably more calm and focused when entertained with questions about artist's styles and influences.

During High School Jonny got the opportunity to visit the Brandywine River Museum of Art many times, which is primarily the home of the largest collection of art from Andrew Wyeth, as well as his father N.C. and son Jamie.

Many of  the landscapes and people that Andrew painted were local, so Jon enjoyed walking and canoeing down the Brandywine River always in hopes of catching a glimpse of one of his inspirations.

JD enjoyed life model art classes at Penn State more than landscapes or still life. That ties in well with his photography interests and his "need" to capture handsome life before it walks on by.

Graphite and pastel drawings are JD's most instinctive talent, though he paints in watercolor and oil as well.

JD's original art is available online at FineArtAmerica, as merchandise at Zazzle, though both are cluttered with HotlantaVoyeur's photography.

JD would love to  hear from you!


If you would like to discuss an ART project, or to purchase or display my original art, please contact JD directly via email or text. Please title emails, or begin texts, with the word ART.


JD prefers to avoid phone calls, as he is almost always on the set, on location, in the studio, or sleeping.