J. Davis Meadows


Gay teenagers had fewer options entering into high school in 1978. JD never felt comfortable enough, even with his closest friends, to expose the ugly truth of why he didn't date girls.

JD began writing fictional short stories his freshmen year of high school. His narrators and protagonists were typically loners, with their defenses up, prepared for the worst that the world could throw at them.

Even though he can look back now at how much support he would have had from friends and teachers, at the time he was certain of the negative results of being labeled queer in the 80's.

There wasn't a single (popular) movie that had a happy ending for its Gay characters, and Gay actors and musicians were either lisping stereotypes or closeted leading men.

JD read and enjoyed the gay literature that he could collect, but even that was rife with moral tragedy.

So even as the world began to change around him JD still wrote stories about loss and loneliness. In fact, his first unpublished novel had a narrator who  walked into the sea to kill himself at the end, simply because he had come to understand what a shit he had been to all of his previous lovers.

As JD has crafted new stories from his tragically misaligned characters of old, he has learned to find ways for his narrators to surprise themselves with unexpected optimism.

Most of JD's quality literature has been, or will be, published under the pseudonym of J. Davis Meadows (his maternal grandmother's maiden name).

JD has also published erotic stories and art under the alternative pen name of Jay Dee, in case you like that kind of thing.