J. Davis Harvill


During the 25 year period, from college to stroke (another long story), JD continued writing, drawing, painting, and making music, but never stopped watching movies and shows at every opportunity.

JD has slowly manipulated himself, and the world around him, to place himself in the right place, at the right time, to slip sideways into a career in Independent Film Making.

JD is thankful that the tax credits from the state of Georgia in the last few years have brought the talent and opportunities from Hollywood to Atlanta.

Now JD has gathered the right network of friends around him to cast, film, edit, score and promote great stories as he finds them, or writes them.

J. Davis Harvill is the name that JD will use in film and entertainment projects like "Work is Murder", "Cabin Bound", "Lost-n-Found", "Summer of Hearts", and "The Springs".

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